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I am Kurt Loots and had a wonderful childhood growing up on my parent’s farm, Schalkseput.

Since 1998 I have been striving to create the same experience with my wife, Nicoleen, in raising our 3 sons on our farm, Dagbreek, near Prieska in Northern Cape. Together we are Jopetku Farming.

Jopetku being a compilation of our son’s names, as we are proud to have their presence with us on the farm, which is situated next to the Orange River. We specialize in grain production with our slogan being, “Growing Grain is our Game “, capturing the spirit and passion for what we do.

Entering a new chapter in our lives, we are now proud stewards of Namakwari.

Namakwari is a beautiful Kalahari farm, on which our family and employees share their love for cattle and wildlife farming. To us, farming is a passion, a way of life, and not a job! We thank our Father every day for the privilege we have in managing this farm on His behalf.

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